Macro photography is great for bringing out the extreme close-up details of your subjects. It is especially great for very small subjects and living organisms like insects. The Switch 6 and Revolver Lite Lens Kits each have a set of Macro and Super Macro lenses so you can take your smartphone photography to the next level.

It is very easy to use the Macro/Super Macro Lens to create amazing photos. On the Switch 6 Kit, just slide the second set of the lenses over the iPhone 7 Plus’s lens. For the Revolver Lite, pull up on the lens and rotate it to the Macro/Super Macro set of lenses. Get as close as possible to the subject to achieve perfect focus, and then you can see a very unique point of view. You will be amazed! If the image you are seeing is blurry, don’t worry, just try to get closer to the subject. The focusing distance is about 10mm.

It’s just that easy to slide, focus, and shoot! You will be shooting all of the detail like a pro without any stress!


Revolver Lite Series Kit for iPhone 7 Plus

Are you one of those people who travels a lot and loves taking pictures? One of the common dilemmas of a traveller is carrying so many things including an expensive DSLR camera! There’s no need to worry now, because we will go over how to take amazing scenic travel photos using your smartphones.



The most important thing in taking the perfect shot is the subject. Choose a great and captivating subject and aim for the perfect focus. For this one, all you need is the right timing! It might take a while, but waiting is always worth the wait. Just tap your smartphone’s screen until the subject comes into focus. Make sure that the subject stands out in your photos.



Don’t make unnecessary movements when taking pictures using your smartphones because camera shake might make your photo blurry. While doing so, learn to be still and stay in place. Slight hand movements hight lead to blurry effects. Patience is always the key!




Nothing beats the brightness of daytime and the natural glow effect of the sun. Natural lighting is always the best to get those amazing travel photos you have always wanted using only your smartphone. When taking indoor shots, always opt for the places that have a lot of light so you can achieve a more natural photo.




Pictures in landscape orientation are always much better for travel photos. For you to achieve a wide shot, use your phone in the landscape orientation. You will not only get a better photo, but you can also make your subject look great!




From the term itself, just use a selfie stick when taking pictures of yourself using the front camera, or when taking a group picture with your friends. Never use it to take photos of scenery or any travel photos.


Traveling is worthwhile when we know how to appreciate the things around us. There’s no better way to do it other than taking photos. The good thing is we can now take amazing photos using our smartphones. Hope these tips can help you capture memorable moments of your trips!


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