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color graduated & CPL filters

 Often it is necessary or desirable to balance the light intensity in one part of a scene with another. This is especially true in situations where you don't have total light control, as in bright contrasty landscapes. Sometimes it is also desireable to add color to part of the photograph. For example, to add blue to only the sky. Z Prime color graduated filters are color toned in one half of the filter and are smoothly graduated into the clear portion.
This kit consists of the following CPL & three graduated filters: Blue, Sunset, and Grey.


NEW! Z-Prime Smartphone Lens Pouch

This water-resistant pouch stores 4 smartphone lenses and easily fits into a bag, belt, and backpack. It keeps the lenses clean and safe. The built-in carabiner loop allows you to attach the pouch to your bag, belt, etc. You will have an easy access to your lens or gears. 

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There is no doubt that this is our king. The king of all smartphone lenses. Since phones are getting more and more capability with photos and videos, we realized the market has a strong demand for professional quality lenses. 

We built the Z-Prime Universal lens with a universal lens adapter that gives you a small but powerful setup. If you are looking for the best image quality for your phone, the Z-Prime is the best choice for its value.

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NEW - Max Bokeh Close-Up Lens

Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke (ボケ), which means "blur" or "haze", or boke-aji, the "blur quality." Bokeh is pronounced BOH-Kə or BOH-kay. The Z Prime Max Bokeh Lens enable smartphone create DSLR-like depth of Bokeh with portrait as well as small objects. 

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Apple Pencil Case MK2


Our patent pending Pencil Case MK II improves on the usability of the Apple Pencil to give added protection and more features. With a lightweight aluminum build, it gives you added benefits that you don't get with just the Pencil. You can now get an even better experience with added protection. The Pencil Case MK II adds a touch of luxury that perfectly compliments your Apple Pencil.

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Accessory - Python P5 Flexible Tripod

Python P5 Tripod comes with the high density continuous rubberized legs, the solid aluminum ball head Mount. This lightweight tripod is compatible with the most camera and smartphone in the market such as Gopro Action Cam, iPhone, Samsung.

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The 3-Axis Gimbal stabilizer is great for video production. The total weight of the gimbal, camera, and lens could be more than 8 lb , how can we hold them for all day long without feeling tired? The MogoCrane Weight Support Belt offers an adjustable belt and an aluminum cup holder. It transfers the weight to the operator's hips.

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new! Super duty escape tool

Smash or cut your way to safety with the Stinger Emergency Hammer!


Lightweight, durable, plastic construction

Equipped with two glass-shattering steel contact points (one is spring loaded) and a seat belt cutter

Measures only 7" long; weighs 5.5 oz.

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built into Every day use

Like most in-car escape tools, Stinger pairs a seatbelt cutter with a glass breaker, giving you a reliable way to overcome stuck doors and jammed seatbelts. Unlike them, it’s designed to fit into every day use, ensuring you don’t have to dig inside your pockets, reach for a bag in the backseat, or try to get to the glove compartment to get access to your rig.

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razor sharp seat belt cuTTER

With the hidden blade of the Stinger emergency tool, you can easily cut the seat belt if you need to escape the vehicle after an accident. 

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Spring Loaded Glass Breaker

The Stinger is the first emergency tool ever built with a spring loaded glass breaker integrated into a tiny USB car charger. With our patented technology, we make your escape tool efficient and easy to reach whenever you need it.

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