Taken with Ztylus Z-Prime Lens

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Vivian Mao, also known as maotouzi in social media, travel writer, photographer, columnist, published author and savvy social media user. She was born in Shanghai, China and has lived in San Jose, California since 2000. Vivian is a curious and adventurous traveler. She loves telling a good travel story via her unique written and lens language. As the American writer John Steinbeck once said, “the world was peopled with wonders”, she wants to see this world with her own wide angle and macro lenses.


Tina Rice publishes a blog called Combo Apps. Her blog is a comprehensive guide to mobile photography. It's filled with app reviews, tutorials, editing guide, mobile photo essays, product reviews and everything mobile.
Tina uses the Revolver 4-in-1 Lens Attachment for her mobile macro and CPL for urban landscapes. She also found a creative way to shoot with the Fisheye lens for interesting angles with flowers and trees. She loves that all she has to do is turn the dial with the Revolver. She doesn't have to worry a bout changing lenses because it's all there with her.


Michelle Kolchins is a self-taught, Las Vegas-based photographer. She specializes in photojournalistic lifestyle pictures and has had a camera in her hand non-stop for the last twelve years. She has a special eye that sees things that usually remain unnoticed. Her ability to capture emotions and the smallest of details is what sets her apart.
Having gone through every lens attachment out there, she came across the Ztylus case. When asked about this she said, “I was shooting an event and saw someone using the lens. I had to ask what it was, and they showed me what it was capable of and immediately ordered one on the spot and have been using it non-stop every day since. I have people stop me all the time asking what is on the back of my phone, and I can’t stop raving about it.”

You can visit her website at www.edgewoodrdphotography.com


Rick Ferro is a Certified PPA Master Photographer and in 2002 Rick was honored with the Photography Service Award at the United Nations in N.Y.
In 1993 through 1996, he helped developed the Wedding Photography Department for Walt Disney Corporation in Orlando. In 2009, he came back to Disney as a contractor and is still now working for Disney Fine Art Production Co training and photographing high end weddings. He is an author with 7 books, and writer for the highly acclaimed shootsmarter.com reaching over 145,000 readers a month.
To his credits, his clients were the Miami Dolphins, Pepsi, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few. He produced eight educational videos for the Quantum Instruments Co. and teaches worldwide. Rick has been with WPPI, now going on 25 years in a row. Rick's specialties are teaching the Art of Romance, Hand posing, and Lighting.


My name is Ithalu Dominguez I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. I moved to the United States in 2008. I currently live in Montebello, California. I have always been passionate about photography and painting.

I love to take macro photos because I like the small intricate details that can be overlooked at first sight. I feel motivated to capture nature's tiny masterpieces so everyone can enjoy these beautiful creations as I do. That's one of the many things I love about the Ztylus kit. I use my Ztylus kit for macros and the wide angle for landscapes. I really like how crisp and sharp the macro lens is because it gives me more detailed shots.

Every time I go for a walk, I always bring my Ztylus Revolver 4 in 1 kit because I always find amazing things to capture. I can always count on the Ztylus to get the photo I want.

Follow her on Instagram : @itha_mar


From performing at winter markets in small-town Scotland to opening for artists like A Great Big World and Andy Grammer in the rush of California, Robert Gillies has come a long way to be where he is. After moving to the US in 2008 to study at Berklee College of Music, alongside classmates Betty Who and Karmin, Gillies made the move out to California to be closer to the scene he'd admired from afar for so many years.

"I'm a singer-songwriter and general life enthusiast. My whole modus operandi is based around making great things. It doesn't matter what I'm making, I just want to make it great. Ztylus fits seamlessly into my lifestyle as a tool that takes the common act of capturing life in pictures, making it that much more fun and creative."