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How do I install my Ztylus Pencil Case?
Please carefully follow the manual that came with your Ztylus Pencil Case. Be sure not to over-tighten your Pencil! If you have misplaced your manual, you can view the manual here. We also have a video that you can watch to help with installation below:


My Ztylus Pencil Case doesn't look right! It's missing the metal ring. How do I fix this?
If you picked up the Ztylus Pencil Case and started playing with it without reading the manual, you might have twisted your Ztylus Pencil Case in an incorrect manner. If it looks like the video below, you can follow the steps in the video to correct this problem:


How do you install my iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, 6 Plus/6s Plus in the Ztylus case?
1. Remove Bottom screw and plate
2. Carefully slide iPhone in and reattach screw and bottom plate.
3. Need more help watch the video below

How do you attach the RV-2 on the Ztylus case?
1. Remove metal kickstand
2. Align red dots, both on the Ztylus case and RV-2 lens kit
3. Press down and twist to properly lock the RV-2 lens kit into place
4. ( The top of the RV-2 also has a red dot) Align this dot to the text to get desired lens out
5. The RV-2 Smart-Flip automatically lock into place the older version you will have to press down
6. Please watch the video above for the entire process
7. Please Click Here to see the user manual

Are the Rosewood Hand Grip and LED Ring Light compatible with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases? 

Yes, the Rosewood Hand Grip and LED Ring Light are compatible with the Ztylus iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases.

What is the difference between the Ztylus RV-2 Wide Angle Lens and the new Z-Prime Wide Angle Lens?

The Z-Prime Wide Angle Lens is a more specialized and professional quality lens.  Both lenses are multi element designs with multi-layer antireflective coatings.  Since the Revolver Lens was meant to be a more versatile kit with different lenses, we have to use less elements to keep the design compact.  With the Z-Prime Lens, there is a bigger focus on image quality, so we used more elements to get the best quality possible. 

How do you use Macro Lens on Ztylus RV-2 Lens Attachment ?

Can the Flipmount can be attached on my car?
No, the flipmount can only be attached to a tripod mount using the 1/4- 20inch mount.

What is the maximum extent of the Flipmont?
78mm wide or 3 1/16 inches

Can I use the Flipmount to hold my iPhone 6 PLUS to mount it in my car via a Tripod?
Yes, but without the case and by using a tripod with 1/4-20 inch mount attached to your tripod.

How close must the subject be for your ring light to be effective?

This depends on the lighting conditions you are working with. In a dark room turning on the RV-L1 Ring light you can be as far away as 3 feet.

Which battery type does the RV-L1 LED Ring Light needs?
3X AAA Batteries of any brand or rechargeable 3X AAA

Are the batteries included in the RV-L1 LED Ring Light ?
Batteries are not included

What is the difference between your Z-Prime Lenses and the Revolver Lens?
The Revolver Lens is focused on versatility, which gives you 4 different lenses in a very compact package.  The Z-Prime Lenses are focused on quality and feature a multi-element lens design for optimal lens quality.

How are the Wide Angle lenses different between the Z-Prime and Revolver Lens.
 The Wide Angle Lens on the Revolver Lens is more compact since the Revolver Lens is a 4 in 1 design.  It is equivalent to a 21mm focal length.

The Wide Angle Lens Z-Prime Lens is a purpose built lens focused on image quality.  It has 4 glass elements that offer professional grade image sharpness.  It is equivalent to a 18mm focal length.

Can I use the Z-Prime Lens with my Samsung S7/S7 Edge Adapter Case?
Yes, you can!

Does my Samsung Adapter Case offer protection for my phone?
The Samsung S7/S7 Edge Adapter Case is to be used as an adapter to mount your Ztylus Lens onto your phone and does not offer protection for your phone.

My Samsung Revolver Kit has a dark corner when I take a picture, what do I do?
During our testing, we found that a some Samsung models had a dark corner appear in their images. We have concluded that Samsung may use a different lens structure depending on the region the phone was manufactured.

The external lens is an add-on to your phone camera lens so it can be difficult to obtain official phone manufacturer specifications to perfectly fit your phone. To remedy this problem, slightly pinching out your screen to zoom-in will remove these dark corners when taking a photo.

When will I receive my package?
For international orders: It normally takes approximately 7-18 business days for arrival to international destinations.  Some countries like ITALY, SPAIN, CANADA and BRAZIL may take longer due to delays with your local customs service. We use DHL to ship international orders.
For domestic orders: It normally takes 2-3 days for the package to arrive. Depending on your location we use either USPS or UPS to ship your order. Please click here to find more information or click here to email us.

Do I have to pay import/customs fees?
Yes. We do not charge import fees for international orders and every country has different policies and charges that you have to pay to get your products delivered. These charges are NOT covered in the sale price or the shipping cost.  Please contact your local government about these fees before you order since we do NOT offer refunds if you decline to pay.

Can I use my LED Ring Light with the Revolver lens?
No. You can’t use the LED Ring Light at the same time as the Revolver Lens.  They both use the same attachment mount on the case, so you can only use one attachment at a time.  The LED Ring Light can be used as off camera lighting, but it can’t be installed together with the Revolver Lenses or the Z-Prime Lenses.

Can I use my Z-Prime Lenses with any Ztylus Case?
No, we recommend that you use the Z-Prime Lenses with the Ztylus Case V.2.0 that is sold with the Z-Prime Lens Kit or the free case that comes with the single telephoto or wide angle Z-Prime Lens.  You can also use the Z-Prime Lenses with the Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge Ztylus cases.

Will my iPhone/Samsung flash work with the Revolver 4-in-1 Lenses?
No, the Revolver Lenses will cover your flash.

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