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Life's Race
by Collin Chan


Collin Chan is a Canadian artist and filmmaker that regularly creates online content for a lot of different brands. He recently shot a commercial with our Z-Prime lenses and won Anker’s Power It Up Competition! Here's Collin's explanation of his concept behind his commercial.

Life's Race is a short commercial film which is about a philosophical way of how one can find the power of passion to fuel there life with meaning.

For Anker's Power It Up competition, one of the rules was to film something running out of power. I decided to go against the typical and conventional way of having something losing power, then finding a power source. Instead the story is my take on how we sometimes lose our power and focus in life's race.

This short commercial was entirely filmed with a iPhone 6s using a Zhiyun Smooth 3 with Ztylus Z-Prime Lenses. The opening scene was the only shot filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro. I really wanted to challenge myself as a film maker and use an iPhone with some help of a gimbal (Zhiyun) and two prime lenses (Ztylus) to really see if I'm able to create something worthy enough to share with the world wide web. I believe sometimes we get so caught up in the newest cameras that we forget sometimes the best cameras are the ones in our pocket, but of course having some help with lenses with solid glass helps push that pocket camera a bit further then our typical expectations.

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