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PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY - Five Best Subjects for Mobile Photography

PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY - Five Best Subjects for Mobile Photography

September 01, 2017

Nowadays, people are getting more and more into mobile photography. It’s good to know that most of us indulge in creative photography through our smart phones. Achieving spectacular shots require beautiful subjects as well! So here is a list of the most liked subjects by many photographers.


  1. FOOD

- According to research, most social media users prefer FOOD as their subject when taking pictures. Some people even travel the world just to try different kinds of food! Thus, most foodies capture delectable dishes wherever they are! It’s a great choice because many people enjoy seeing and trying out new food!







- When choosing people as your subject, it’s not about taking a selfie or a group shot. Candid photos show people are at their best. We can often have our most stunning moments in stolen candid shots. Try to take candid photos of your loved ones, and you will be amazed and fascinated by the result!





 TIP: Candid shots are much better and more dramatic when they are taken in black and white. Don’t be afraid to play with enhancements and photo effects!



- The world is full of wonderful things and magnificent views, so why not take every chance you get to capture them on your smart phone? Mountains, skies, trees, flowers, oceans and other natural surroundings are some of the best subjects when taking pictures!





- Pets are the most adorable creatures and they are naturally photogenic. At any angle, any posture, or in any moment, we can’t help but admire them. They are always fun and enthusiastic and they make great models. They can make our day complete just by looking at their pictures.






  1. Structures

- If you live in a city and surrounded by buildings or skyscrapers then, this subject would definitely suit you. You can be creative in taking pictures of buildings and structures. Never be afraid of playing with different angles when capturing them.





Make every picture Instragrammable by choosing the best subjects! Photos are more captivating with interesting subjects. Go and make use of your creativity by capturing moments in your phone!

*All photos in this post were taken with the Ztylus Revolver Lens for iPhone 6s