Z-Prime Super Wide Angle Lens with Free V2.0 Ztylus Case


*The Ztylus Z-Prime Lens may block your built-in smartphone flashlight.

z-prime super wide angle s Plus
z-prime super wide angle s Plus



The Z-Prime Super Wide Angle Lens gives you that extra UMPH! Capture dramatic images and videos by increasing your field of view. The .63X lens gives you a 100° field of view with virtually no distortion. Whether you’re in a narrow environment or at an amazing landmark, you won't miss a thing with the Z-Prime Super Wide Angle Lens!

z-prime super wide angle s Plus
Picture of the Z-Prime lens for iPhone 6 s Plus

Solid and Accurate

The new V2.0 Ztylus case is here! We've improved the locking mechanism to increase the reliability and security of attaching the lenses to the case. Once you install the lens, it has a very stable connection. To uninstall the lens, just lift the button and the lens can be removed.

z-prime super wide angle

Hand Polished Multi Element Design

Each Z-Prime lens has 5 glass elements in 4 groups that enable corner to corner sharpness with ultra low distortion. The lenses are optically engineered to be perfect at their respective focal lengths.

US & Worldwide Patents Pending

z-prime super wide angle
z-prime super wide angle
z-prime super wide angle
wide angle lens

Professional Image Quality

Professional grade image sharpness with outstanding optical quality. Advances in the iPhone cameras require top quality lenses to take advantage of the extended resolution and 4K capability. Lenses so sharp, you won’t leave home without them. Our Z-Prime lenses have a resolution of 300 LM/mm and chromatic aberration is dramatically reduced at the edges.



z-prime super wide angle comparison
Check out this short that was shot completely with the Z-Prime Lenses
  Wide Angle
Design 5 elements
4 groups
Magnification Ratio 0.63X
Coating Multilayer Coated
Chromatic Aberration < 1px at edge
Resolution (A*IS) 300 lp/mm
Resolution (Corner) 250 lp/mm
z-prime super wide angle s Plus

Multi-Layer Coating

Multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings are applied to the lens elements to reduce surface reflections and increase light transmission. To guarantee the highest quality image, we spared no expense to give you the absolute highest quality lens.

z-prime super wide angle s Plus

Locking Tab

Our Z-Prime lenses attach directly to your Ztylus case and lock into place for the most secure lens connection. A spring loaded locking tab prevents the lens from accidental drops.

z-prime super wide angle s Plus

Magnetic Lens Cap

A lens cap protects your lens when not in use. With the press of a button, the spring-loaded lens cap flips out and stays out of the way as you shoot your pictures. Never worry about losing your lens cap again.
The lens cap is magnetically attached so it can be quickly and easily removed if you prefer to shoot without a lens cap.

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