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DUAL Optics for the iPhone 7 Plus 


As the original innovator of the dual lens system for the iPhone 7 Plus, we have developed two new dual lens solutions for the iPhone 7 Plus. They both provide different lens options with full compatibility for the dual lens system on the iPhone 7 Plus.


SWITCH 6 - $39.95

The Switch 6 is a patent pending 6-in-1 lens kit that offers an extremely compact size that is full of functionality. Quickly change between the fisheye, wide angle, telephoto and macro lenses. Just slide the lens up and you can be sure it’s always ready to capture the perfect shot.


The Revolver Lite is a lightweight and ultra-portable lens kit that offers both performance and speed. With the patent pending lens design, you can quickly change between the lenses with our unique Lite Revolver system. The 4-in-1 lens design has 2 sets of high quality lenses to use with both cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus.