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November 14, 2017

Tim Hsu is the founder and inventor of Ztylus Innovation. With a small dream to create new and unique products, he pours his passion into bringing exciting products to the market. Here’s his story on how he came up with the idea for the multifunctional Rattle Pen.


I have a few fidget spinners, and I love them a lot. That is part of the reason why I created the Luxe Spinner line of fidget spinners. We made them with quality sourced wood, hybrid wood, and stabilized wood. This took us long time to keep the quality consistent and to make everything beautiful before we shared it to the public.

Rattle Pen

After I played with the fidget spinners for a while, I felt a little disappointed since I carried it everyday, but it served no real purpose in my everyday life. It was about time for me to re-innovate a EDC spinner.

When looking at all of my everyday carry items, I always kept a kubotan with me. If you've never heard of a kubotan, here's some short info on it:



“Based on the traditional Japanese yawara stick used in many martial arts, the kubotan is a self-defense weapon hat has been around for many generations. It provides an effective tool for striking soft tissues and pressure points so you can maximize force while defending yourself against one or more attackers.”


It was very practical for me to carry around and since the first day I had it, I hoped that it can be a pen, not just a kubaton. Now in the digital age of things, I understand we use pens less and less in our daily life, but it's still good to have one just in case.



Rattle Pen


This project took me about 6 months to get the production nailed down. I shared the concept with my team privately early this year, and we build the first prototype. It went so well that our patent lawyer decided to keep it after we submitted our patent, since he told me he can't live without it! :)

To be brief, we built a unique 3 in 1 fidget spinner experience that we integrated it into a self defense weapon and pen. Doing a fast spin on the Rattle Pen, you can hear the sound of a roaring bearing and feel the speed with a slight shaking in your hand. This reminded me of the tail of a rattle snake. Luckily, this is the closest I'd get to meeting one.

I hope you guys enjoy the story behind this innovation, and please let me know what you think. Like it or hate it, or any suggestion, your support is driving the team move forward with more innovation.