Ztylus iPhone 6 Z-Prime Lens Test With A 3-Axis Gimbal By RunPlayBack

RunPlayBlack, uploaded this short test video of him using the Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit for his iPhone 6! To take it a step further, he mounted his iPhone 6 Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit setup onto a 3-axis gimbal. The footage is amazing!  
NOTE: For some of the clips he did use an action camera - "All the footage that isn't fisheye is the Ztylus and it looks phenomenal." - RunPlayBack. 

Our Z-Prime Lenses have a resolution of 300 LM/mm and chromatic aberration is dramatically reduced at the edges. Once you install the Z-Prime lens, it has a very stable connection. Make sure you watch RunPlayBack's full review of the Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit with even more sample footage below!

 You can find out more information on the Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit by clicking the image below!