Popular Youtuber, Unbox Therapy, uploaded this awesome review on the Kamerar Zoom Lens Kit For The iPhone 7 Plus! Check it out below!  

With the overwhelming popularity of the Macro lens, we provide the unique ability to zoom and get extreme close-up detail. The Fisheye and Telephoto lenses on the Zoom Lens Kit will greatly extend your optical focal length range and capture a variety of shots that you couldn't achieve with just your phone.

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The patent pending Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit is finally here! We have teamed up with Kamerar to develop the ZOOM Lens Kit. The Kamerar team designed the housing for the lens kit while we applied our expertise in developing the optics! ZOOM comes with 2 sets of lenses: Fisheye/Telephoto and 
Macro Zoom
Check out the Kamerar ZOOM Lens in Action!
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Come to Booth #36080 and meet the team at CES in Las Vegas from January 5th - 8th. We're extremely excited about our product lineup for this year and we would love to answer any burning questions you might have. Try out the Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit first hand while you're here!