Youtube reviewer, TK Bay, uploaded this review on our new Ztylus Revolver Lens Kit For The iPhone 7 Plus! Watch it below!

Our Ztylus Case provides all around protection for bumps and scratches and the raised lip protects your display screen when you set the phone face down. Based on our successful RV-2 Revolver Lens, the RV-3 has improved optics to deliver a much clearer picture quality. Our lenses now feature polished brass lens housings and upgraded optics for sharper images. 

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Vimeo user, Flow Hive/Mirafilm uploaded this short slow motion video that was shot with the Ztylus Revolver Lens attachment for the iPhone 6s Plus!

The Revolver 4 in 1 Lens Attachment allows you to easily attach 4 lenses to your Ztylus case. With the 4 high quality lenses, you can take better photos with the flip of your wrist. The new Smart-Flip technology allows the lens to flip out and automatically lock into place.

You can find out more information on the Ztylus Revolver Kit by clicking the image below!

Youtube user, Mardee Thompson uploaded this detailed review on our Z-Prime Lens Kit for the iPhone 6/6s. In the video, he goes over the main specs of the Z-Prime Lens Kit and even includes some example photos at the end. 

The Z-Prime Lens Kit V2.0 has an improved locking mechanism to increase the reliability and security of attaching the lenses to the case. Once you install the lens, it has a very stable connection. To uninstall the lens, just lift the button and the lens can be removed.

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Ants vs. Worm

October 27, 2015

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Remember that 3 ft tall ant pile that devoured the deli meat?  Check out this video showing what happens when you put a worm on that ant pile.

There's also a great behind the scenes video showing how he was able to capture the footage using a few of the Ztylus lenses in the Revolver Lens Attachment.

What's a good use for the macro lens?  INSECTS!
Check out this awesome video shot with a Ztylus Camera Kit showing what happens when you put a piece of deli meat on a massive 3 ft tall ant pile.

This is a quick video to show you how to operate the Ztylus Macro Lens. This lens will provide a 10X giving you the ability to take incredible images.