Fight the Nerd Review of Ztylus Iphone case and lens kit.

Images taken with the Ztylus Iphone case and lens kit by
This lens kit can stand up there with the competitors and not only go toe-to-toe with them, but might be the next big innovation in camera attachments for smartphones (until they can start putting real camera lens onto your phone). The Ztylus did not disappoint in any way and is a lot of fun to use and play with, both for pros and casual smart phone users who want to take some cool pics.                                                                                                  

This article written by fight the nerd explains all the features of the Ztylus Iphone case and lens kit. It goes into detail and has great example of some of the things he really likes about the Ztylus. The images using the fish eye and micro lens come alive and he goes on to explain why they are his favorite. Read the rest of the article here.