Tips: Top 5 Tips for Recording Video on Your Phone

Tips: Top 5 Tips for Recording Video on Your Phone


Your cell phone is a great quick tool to use to take some quick videos. You can make those videos even better by making sure a few things are correct while shooting using your smart phone. SuperSaf TV offers some great tips in the video above that you should follow while shooting video with your cell phone. 

Tip Summary:

  • Good lighting
  • Pay attention to audio
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds
  • Keep camera steady and stable
  • Always film in landscape

Even with these tips, your phone is still limited by it's ability to take good videos. If you are avid user of your smart phone to take videos you might be interested in our Ztylus Camera Kit to improve your cell phone videos and photos. The Ztylus Camera Kit is a great tool to use and gives you the ability to take better photos and videos with just your smart phone! For more information on our great Ztylus products, click the link below.


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