Nowadays, people tend to find ways to everything easier with things that are just within hand’s reach. Thankfully, these Do-It-Yourself phone photography tricks and techniques are inexpensive and resourceful! You can apply them anywhere at anytime!


  1. Earphones Control Shutter

Earphones are not just for listening to music and watching movies. We can now use them to take pictures, too! If you are one of those people who love taking selfies by yourself or with your friends, then this trick might help you! This technique can help you to capture pictures with less effort. You just have put your phone on a flat area, insert your headphones into your phone, find a spot, pose then use the earphones’ volume button to take a photo! It is just as easy as one, two, three!




  1. White Paper Reflector

Are you having problems with getting great lighting with the best angles? Then, this trick might help you in the future. A simple white sheet can make your picture look amazing and captivating! You just have to put it an angle that will illuminate your subject naturally. In addition, you can also use this trick when taking a photo of yourself.


*Without paper reflector



*With paper reflector


  1. DIY Macro Lens

One of the most amazing photography tricks is macro! Fortunately, you can have it in DIY form, too! A water drop can be a great alternative for a macro lens. Just drop a little water onto the lens of your mobile camera! Take a photo, and voila! You already have that instant macro effect.




  1. Sunglasses Filter

Would you believe that your sunglasses can now be an instant filter for your photos? Yes, it’s

true! Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories. Now, they are also an efficient tool for mobile photography. You just have to place your sunglasses in front of your phone camera. Then, shoot!


* With sunglasses lens


* Without sunglasses lens

 To be an effective photographer, you should be both creative and resourceful. Taking photos is now easier and more fun because of these DIY photography tricks! I hope these tips would help greatly in taking amazing photos with your mobile phone. Simple things can produce great results!