FlipMount Smartphone Grip

FlipMount is a smartphone stand that you could carry everyday but would still be sturdy and dependable out in the field.
Designed with durable polycarbonate, the FlipMount is super lightweight & compact.

FlipMount Micro Stand lets you take a mini entertainment system wherever you go
Watch Netflix sitting back in your chair instead of hunched over your screen
Facetime or Skype at your desk without your arm aching. Stop craning your neck to check out the cover art on Spotify.
FlipMount fits most best-selling smartphones in market!
Adjustable grip fits all iPhones and most Android & Windows smartphones with or without a case between 48-78mm wide.
The FlipMount is a super compact and foldable, and quickly attaches to the any triod via 1/4-20" screw.
With the FlipMount's flexible, grippy design, there are no limits to your creativity!
Shoot from a new perspective, give night photography a go, capture shots with a macro lens, or make a timelapse video...