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Apple Pencil Case Slim

Get the slim, newest apple pencil case slim

We constantly strive to improve our products and to provide you with the best experience possible. We've received several requests for a thinner Apple Pencil Case and we've listened to your feedback! We are proud to present our newest patent pending Apple Pencil Case Slim.

Machined from aircraft aluminum, the Apple Pencil Case Slim is the next product in our Apple Pencil accessory line. With its light aluminum casing, the Apple Pencil Case Slim is more durable than ever! The Slim shares similar functionality as its thicker predecessor, but has a much thinner frame for a sleek and polished look.

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Ztylus for the iPhone 7/7 Plus 

glass breaker tool

Have no fear! Ztylus for the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus is in development. We've currently reached the end of the testing phase and we want to make sure that we provide you with optimal compatibility with your new iPhone. We’re barreling ahead and we won’t settle for less than the best!

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Emergency Glass Breaker Tool

glass breaker tool

We want to push the envelope with a new project that we are launching, and we need your support. 

We are launching a one of a kind glass breaker that can be integrated into everyday life. We found that many glass breakers become lost or are not within arm’s reach during an accident. Our unique innovation doubles as a dual USB port charger which plugs into your car charger, so it’s always within reach when you need it most.

This is a simple innovation, but we believe it is one that can save lives.

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Apple Pencil Accessory

We are reinventing the Apple Pencil with a very unique accessory.  Please sign up below to get the latest information and to hear about one of the first accessories for the Apple Pencil.  Be the first to own this exciting innovation and get special earlybirdZ pricing when this new product is released.


Ztylus Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

The Ztylus Camera System was created to enhance the width, depth and overall quality of your smartphone’s photos. This cutting-edge design seamlessly incorporates the Ztylus smartphone case and the Revolver Lens Attachment into a symphony of innovation and form. With a flip of your wrist, you’re able to change lenses at will, enhancing the camera on your smartphone.



The Vent Clip Kit

The Ztylus Vent Clip Disc has a dual purpose kickstand and clip that can securely attach your phone onto your A/C vent in your vehicle. Now you can easily see your phone while using GPS or changing to your next song. The best part is that you don't have to keep bulky equipment in your car that blocks your view while driving.



Z-Prime Lens Kit


Here's a teaser of the Ztylus Z-Prime Lens Kit!

Check out this short that was shot completely with the Z-Prime Lenses

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